Thursday, October 01, 2009

Forgot about this thing

Well it's cross season again, and I have only done one set of barriers but have been working on getting the threshold up as much as possible. I will try to hit all these races and decide to do more if I got the time or cash.


10/10- Velo Park (Race #1)
11/07- Eagle Island (Race #2)
11/14-Sandy Point (Race #3)
11/21- Sandy Point (Race #4)
11/22- Sandy Point (Series Final)

Next year is going to be a change for my old crew of teammates and myself. It also sounds like there is going to be a few strong teams racing in the treasure valley again. The teams will all be smaller but all of them will have some studs on them. It's going to be like some fight club shit. OUCH (not the team just the pain)!!!! Other than that back to school and getting my first exam back in about an hour. I think I rocked it but really I wont know it tell it's in my hands. I am off to Austin this weekend to hangout with Ami. We are going to be doing some riding. I am really excited to go see Ghostland Observatory on Sunday night.

Well hopefully I use this thing more, but might get overwhelmed again so don't expect much from me and this blog.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Half Bogus

Half bogus tuesday nighters start this week. Leaving the school at 6:15.

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's almost time to race bikes

In 8 days I will be starting off the 2009 season in the SIN city.  You know what they what happens in vegas stays in vegas. Well that will be true if my legs get ripped of and force fed to me.  Yet if I have any good legs the word will be spread world wide.  I will be starting the season as a solo bob's rider at the Callville Bay Classic.  I will we hitching a ride down with my hommies from the POC.  I will be racing with Sam Krieg the owner of Krieg Cycling, if you don't have one of his saddle bags on your bike you waisted 20 bucks on the bag you got.  Tomorrow at 11 I am  going to do the EHB LOOP.  Hope to see you out there.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Everything is Bigger in Texas

Last weekend I flew in to College Station ,TX to hang with my girl on Valentines day.  I almost didn't make it because I got to the airport a little late. Had to get another ticket to SLC and then had to deal with delays of flight which made the day even longer and more stressful. Ami picked me up at the Airport and we went straight to Fox and Hound where they had a great beer selection and it was happy hour 2 dollars any pint. SO GOOOOD

Friday Ami and myself went on our very first road ride together, and we did a 60 mile ride which was pretty awesome. Ami is a stud!!! The weather was great I was rocking just shorts and a jersey and loving the sun.  I got my lines back which is good because with out them I felt pretty naked.

We went on the Texas A&M group ride that leaves from campus and goes o
ut to Caldwell. The first 11 miles the group rides out to a point called twister.  At this point the ride starts to pick up pace.  The Cross winds were strong enough that i was at the front fulling through in the echelon.  With 3 miles tell Caldwell the group then can attack and go into race mode.  I was just got done pulling through when a guy (Chad) launches off the front. Thinking to myself dam I can't go with that.  The group started to pick up momentum bringing the rider back off the front. I was patiently waiting to do my attack.  A rider took a huge pull right into a small roller when I launched.  I went straight across to the lone rider and straight through him. Yet I had one sticky bugger that was stuck to me.  I told him that he's got to pull through to make this thing stick because the group was not to far behind. He started to pull through.  I gave him the Sprint because I had no idea where it was.   Well not everything is bigger in texas, like their hills.  They are more like rollers but people from texas would b
eg to differ.  On the was back the sprint was right where the group first started to pick the pace.  I knew that we where getting closer to the finish because the pace was getting faster and faster. Then Chad went to the gutter trying to drop the pack of riders and did a great job because I was the only rider still left.  I then took a really  hard pull trying to drop him but he was on stuck to my wheel.  We started pulling through trying to open up a bigger gap. I pulled through fairly easy one time and Chad came right back to the front.  I let him take another hard pull when I attacked him going right back to the gutter not allowing any draft.  I then put my head down and went into the PAIN CAVE.
This was a good confidence booster knowing that I haven't had as  much time on the bike this year.

We had a great Valentines day going out to dinner and renting a movie from Red Box. I slept through pretty much the whole movie.

My neck and face got a little to much sun maybe!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well I have been super busy with School, Homework, Work , Internships, and RIDING BIKES.  So the blog is getting a little lack of my attention.  So I did my first EHB this past weekend.  I felt really good during the ride and had a good climb too.  I thought I was going to die afterwards, I ate a Texano Burrito from Los Betos.  I hung out the rest of the day on my couch in the feudal-position.  I am going to Texas this week to see my lady. I will also bring a bike and be able to ride why I'm down there.  I will also be meeting up with an advisor for Sports Management Masters program why I'm down there.  

I am have started to really think about bike racing. IT'S ON

I will write soon I promise I have a few big layovers on the way down and the way back.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm Back

Okay I'm back, back to the blog, back on the bike and back with Ami Rothberg!
My Dad is also back home living a pretty normal live after his bike wreck.  He can walk and pretty much do everything on his own.  He was super dedicated at the rehab center which really made a difference for sure.  I played Wii bowling with him on Christmas day.

So next week I will be back to school too.  I'm looking forward to this semester.  The classes aren't that cool but can see the light and the end of the tunnel for getting that degree.  Yet it's still over a year away.  

It took me a bit longer to get on the bike this year, than years in the past.  This year I hopefully wont be burnt in June like most years.  My forth ride on the bike was 4:20 ride and felt pretty dam good too.  I thought for sure I was going to crack at some point.  

My plan is to start hitting up those dump loops and getting my self back in shape.  If you are feeling like a dump loop let me know and we can go tackle a few of them.  The goal this year is to do 6 in one day, about 6:30 ride.  This will get me back in the playing field and a little more. Well I hope!