Thursday, October 01, 2009

Forgot about this thing

Well it's cross season again, and I have only done one set of barriers but have been working on getting the threshold up as much as possible. I will try to hit all these races and decide to do more if I got the time or cash.


10/10- Velo Park (Race #1)
11/07- Eagle Island (Race #2)
11/14-Sandy Point (Race #3)
11/21- Sandy Point (Race #4)
11/22- Sandy Point (Series Final)

Next year is going to be a change for my old crew of teammates and myself. It also sounds like there is going to be a few strong teams racing in the treasure valley again. The teams will all be smaller but all of them will have some studs on them. It's going to be like some fight club shit. OUCH (not the team just the pain)!!!! Other than that back to school and getting my first exam back in about an hour. I think I rocked it but really I wont know it tell it's in my hands. I am off to Austin this weekend to hangout with Ami. We are going to be doing some riding. I am really excited to go see Ghostland Observatory on Sunday night.

Well hopefully I use this thing more, but might get overwhelmed again so don't expect much from me and this blog.

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